Lovey Dovey on Valentine Day?

>> Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I know it's not valentine, I made this illustration for a mug printing design. Since I made it in very large size I thought I would make it as a wallpaper too. Feel free to use it but please do not upload in other website and do not remove my signature. Thank you very much. Have a lovey dovey day.


Valentine Coffee Mug Print Design

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay, I'm not feeling very well today but I had a good rest so I'm good. This is my first attempt at designing coffee mugs (sorry no full view available lol....) If you like it. Have a nice day.


Daniel, Brian or Jason?? character design proposal..

>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

Was asked to come up with a protagonist as a homework. Drew several sketches for character design proposal before my boss take it to her mom and dad to choose from. Hahahaha just kidding boss. No, of coz this is not the only sketches I did.. but NO, I won't show you more. Booo... There are three basic character for the protagonist to choose from:

Daniel : 
Age : 16
Gender : Boy
Hobby : Design a game interface and do his own programming for his mmorpg game.
About him : Born as a single child to a wealthy family. His father is a doctor and own a hospital, he is very dependant and act a little mature for his age.  He don't like to be in a noisy place and wasting time. He also think that girls are to much into their looks, shrilly and loud.

Brian :
Age : 16
Gender : Boy
Hobby : loves music and are captain of a football team in his school
About him : His mother passed away when he was young so he looks after his young twin siblings. His father works as a reporter in a small publishing company. He likes to help others and be the center of attention. Generally full of life, sparkling happy and carefree.  He believes that 'life is much simpler and innocence' than people let it be.

Jason :
Age : 18
Gender : Boy
Hobby : paintings and composing music
About him : A first year college students majoring in music. He is very positive and sees himself in the future as a successful musician. His parents passed away when he was young and raised by his grandmother. He work part time pianist in a cafe. He loves street fashion, a little immature and reckless.

Well since this is just a homework, we didn't choose any of these character. Hehe.. but he looks good No?!


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